UNIMOT in the NewConnect Focus index

Date of publication: 06.10.16


UNIMOT has been included into the NewConnect Focus index, which groups partnerships of best condition, meeting very high criteria connected with the financial position and the manner of fulfilling disclosure requirements.

The NewConnect Focus index has replaced the previously used one. The principles of the new segmentation of the NewConnect market have been developed by the Warsaw Stock Exchange in cooperation with the Council of Authorized Advisors. The aim of the new segmentation principles is to make it easier for investors to identify partnerships listed on the NewConnect market with respect to their market condition and what follows, investment risk, as well as making the market more transparent and as a result encouraging to search for new investment opportunities. The entry criteria for the previously valid indexes were based mainly on fluctuation indexes.

– We are happy to be in the group of companies that can boast fulfilling high capital criteria defined by the Warsaw Stock Exchange and good communication with investors. Of all the companies listed on the NewConnect market only slightly over 20% have been qualified into the NC Focus index – says Mr Robert Brzozowski, the President of the Board of UNIMOT S.A. – As we have already informed, the scale of business conducted by UNIMOT and the obtained financial results caused that we took steps aimed at transferring the quotations of UNIMOT shares into the main floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. We would like to combine the transfer of shares with the issuance of new shares, which would allow us to acquire resources that would additionally accelerated the growth of our group – adds President Brzozowski.

At present the NewConnect companies are grouped in three indexes: NewConnect Focus (NC Focus), NewConnect Base (NC Base), NewConnect Alert (NC Alert). Conditions of qualifying into the NC Focus and NC Alert segments are based on detailed qualitative criteria. Companies accepted to the NC Focus index are the ones that are positively distinguished by their financial condition and the manner in which they fulfil the obligations resulting from the presence on the NewConnect market. The NC Alert index includes the companies as to which the investors should be vigilant. The NC Base index included all other remaining companies.

Details of assigning companies to particular indexes are determined by the Resolution Nr 646/2016 of the Warsaw Stock Exchange Management Board.

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