UNIMOT has introduced its own reference price for diesel oil

Date of publication: 05.04.17


UNIMOT S.A. introduced on 5 April 2017 UNIMOT SPOT – its own, wholesale reference price for Diesel Oil (ON).

The price of UNIMOT SPOT is established on the basis of stock exchange listings of fuel prices and reflects exactly prices on the ARA market (the name comes from 3 most important transhipment ports for fuels: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp), independent of the economic and supply-demand situation on the home market.

The goal of introducing our reference price UNIMOT SPOT is to reflect the real situation on the Diesel oil market. UNIMOT SPOT is created in the basis of the current price on the London Stock Exchange. We are convinced that Polish clients will be interested in it, as this will change their outlook on the fuel business. As the biggest independent importer of fuels, we feel obliged to be close to the market, and thus our clients – claims Mr Robert Brzozowski, the President of UNIMOT S.A. – Our mission is to shape the fuel market in such a way that wholesale and individual clients have full knowledge on real prices of fuels. Ultimately, we would like the price UNIMOT SPOT to be the reference of retail prices in created by us network of fuel stations under the AVIA brand.

The price of UNIMOT SPOT is influenced by: price of ready products on the ARA market, taxes and fees imposed on fuels, that is: excise duty, fuel fee and back-up fee, exchange rate of dollar, inland premium. The price will be published on the website and it can be a reference price, published by trade portals. The history of listings will be used by clients as a reference point and will show trends on the fuel market.

Current listings of UNIMOT SPOT:

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