Refund for refuelling at AVIA stations – new benefit for members of UNIMOT Club+

Date of publication: 20.07.21


UNIMOT S.A. is introducing a new benefit for the members of UNIMOT Club+, a loyalty programme for company’s shareholders. A one-off refund of refuelling costs at petrol stations of the AVIA chain is a benefit for new and present members of UNIMOT Klub+. The benefit can be applied at all the AVIA petrol stations located in Poland.

To make use of the free, one-off refuelling at AVIA stations customers need to fill up with fuel – diesel oil, petrol or LPG – in the maximum amount of up to 50 litres and then go the website, where after logging in, in the application for the members of the Club, they activate the right benefit.

When we were launching the loyalty programme for the shareholders of UNIMOT Club+ I promised to develop it successively. I am pleased that I can keep my word and today I can present a new benefit to our members – a one-off refund of refuelling costs at AVIA petrol stations. In this way we want to thank our investors and reward them for being with us for a long lime. I invite all the members of UNIMOT Club+ to AVIA stations to fill up with high-quality fuel – says Mr Adam Sikorski, President of the Management Board of UNIMOT S.A.

The present members of UNIMOT Club+ can activate the benefit since 9th July 2021. Newly-accepted shareholders can make use of the one-off refuelling at AVIA stations since the date of their acceptance into the Club. The refund of refuelling costs may be executed in the validity period of the Benefit Catalogue of UNIMOT Club+, after filling in the form and sending the receipt for fuel.

UNIMOT Club+ has been functioning since the beginning of 2021. This is a loyalty programme for the shareholders – to join it one needs to own at least 100 shares of UNIMOT S.A. for at least 6 months. Members of the club have assess to a wide range of benefits, depending on the membership level – RED+, SILVER+ and VIP+ – these include discounts for photovoltaic installations and LPG tank installations as well as discounts for subscriptions of partner stock exchange media, membership in the Association of Individual Investors, access to WallStreet conferences or insurance coverage.

The primary partner of UNIMOT Club+ is the Association of Individual Investors and brokerage houses that cooperate in the programme include: Brokerage Office of Alior Bank S.A., Brokerage House BOŚ S.A., Noble Securities S.A. and Santander Brokerage Office.

More information about membership in UNIMOT Club+, available packages and benefits can be found at

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