Former investor Relations Director at the wse is now the head of ir at UNIMOT

Date of publication: 15.05.17


Mr Piotr Borowski, the former Investor Relations Director at the Warsaw Stock Exchange, has been the Investor Relations, Fusions and Takeovers Director at UNIMOT S.A. since 15 May.

Piotr Borowski has been active on the capital market in Poland since 1990. From 2009, he worked for the Warsaw Stock Exchange, where for 9 years he was responsible, among others, investor relations and analyses, business network and market development. In the exercise of his functions he developed cooperation with foreign stock exchanges, built company’s strategy, acquired investors, brokers and companies from Eastern and Western Europe to trade financial instruments on the markets operated by the WSE. Earlier Mr Piotr Borowski exercised managerial functions in banks and brokerage houses (among others, Kredyt Bank S.A. Warszawa, KBC Bank N.V. Bruksela), where he was in charge of operational activity and the sales network. In addition, for 7 years he was the member of the Management Committee of the Federation of European Stock Exchanges with the seat in Brussels, and in the years 2010-2013 he was the member of the Ethics Commission of Brokerage Houses Chamber. Since February this year Mr Borowski has been the operational auditor in the scope of „securities services” of the banks of Citigroup capital group.

– I am very pleased that such a renowned expert has joined the structures of UNIMOT S.A. I am convinced that Mr Borowski’s accomplishments in the scope of turnovers and fusions will allow our Company to carry out an alternative issuance goal, connected with acquisition of the entities in the industry. Moreover, his rich experience on the capital market will constitute an excellent support of our activities in the further, systematic increase of our Company’s value on this market – says Małgorzata Garncarek, Member of the Board of UNIMOT S.A.

The new Director will be responsible at UNIMOT S.A. for shaping the investor relations and relations with capital market institutions, and first of all for managing projects concerning takeovers and fusions.

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