AVIA conquers the capital!

Date of publication: 27.07.17


The first fuel station under the AVIA brand has been opened in Warsaw at 33, Płochocińska. The location at the route to the popular Zalew Zegrzyński and the close vicinity of Marywilska 44 Shopping Centre are the basic arguments for selecting this location.

On hot, summer days many Warsaw citizens travel to Zalew Zegrzyński in search for some coolness at the biggest water reservoir close to the capital city.  And this is at the route leading to the lagoon, at 33, Płochocińska, that the first fuel station under the AVIA brand has been opened in Warsaw. Located in this place station will serve both the ones commuting every day to work in the centre of Warsaw, as well as those looking for weekend relaxation citizens of Warsaw on the way to Zegrze. The selection of this location has also been influenced by the vicinity of Marywilska 44 Shopping Centre, which is visited every day by thousands of customers. The entrance to the Shopping Centre is just 200 metres before the station. The station also includes a coffee island with the seats and fast, free internet, thanks to which customers can take a break in the journey or seating comfortably check emails or social media.

On the day of official opening (27th July) from 8.30 all the customers of AVIA in Warsaw were offered delicious coffee for just PLN 1 in the self-service coffee corner „Esenso Cafe” located in the area of the station. The special recipe of the coffee served at AVIA stations (the mixture of 80% mild Arabica and 20% of strong Robusta) combined with an excellent, Swiss-made coffee machine Thermoplan, has been praised by the clients, so we hope it will also satisfy coffee lovers from the capital city.

„We are very glad that one of the first stations under the AVIA brand, which we are opening in Poland, has been located in the capital of our country.” – says Mr Robert Brzozowski, the President of the Board of UNIMOT S.A., the company that is introducing the AVIA brand to Poland. „Our plan involves opening 100 stations until 2020, we want them to be opened in big cities such as Warsaw but also in smaller cities such as Turek or Łomża, where we opened two first stations.”– adds President Brzozowski.

The AVIA brand comes from Switzerland, where it was established in 1927. It was then that a few independent fuel station owners decided to act together under this brand. The idea was successful and expanded across other countries of the old continent. Presently, there are over 3000 fuel stations under the AVIA brand in 14 countries such as Austria, France, Spain, the Netherlands or Germany. The newly opened AVIA station in the capital city is the third one under this brand in Poland, and the works on the next ones are underway.


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