100 stations sell fuel online

Date of publication: 27.12.17


The mobile application Tankuj24 has already associated 100 fuel stations in Poland. This is the fastest developing virtual fuel stations network, which within 8 months of its operation has won as many as 13 thousand of users.

The Tankuj24 application, that is an innovative project of UNIMOT S.A. which allows online purchases of fuels, has been developing in record time. Within just 8 months since its introduction to the market 100 fuel stations have started the cooperation with the application. The stations include such brands as: BP, Lotos, Circle K, Moya or Huzar, as well as independent stations. The cooperation with Tankuj24 is also a standard at each of the stations under the AVIA brand, the network of which is currently being created in our country by UNIMOT.

– When I was setting up a company specialising in fuel trading 25 years ago I did not expect that I would offer fuels online, through mobile devices – claims Mr Adam Sikorski, President of the Supervisory Board of UNIMOT S.A. and an initiator of Tankuj24 project. – The application has been very well received by the market and I hope that in the coming years it will become a popular tool used by a large part of drivers in Poland.

The Tankuj24 application is a mixture of virtual and real worlds. The biggest advantage of Tankuj24 is the possibility to purchase fuels at lower prices as they are ordered online. Reception of the ordered fuel always takes place at the selected “real” station that cooperates with the Tankuj24 application. Any fuel can be ordered: petrol, diesel and LPG – and the purchase price (always lower than at a “real” station) is guaranteed for 24 hours since the order is made. The same amount of time is foreseen for customers to carry out the transaction, that is to receive the fuel at the selected station. Users save form several to a dozen of Polish groszy per each litre. The application is also a perfect solution for companies, as its users receive one collective invoice for all the refuelling within the given month.

Tankuj24 is developing the network of partner station in various locations in the territory of the country. It includes the biggest cities in Poland (e.g. Kraków, Poznań, Trójmiasto, Warszawa), large cities (e.g. Częstochowa, Lublin, Szczecin), middle-sized cities (e.g. Elbląg, Łomża, Siedlce), and very small towns (e.g. Turek, Bidziny, Granowo). Creators of the application do not forget about stations located at important transportation hubs and motorway exists – it is also possible to receive the beforehand ordered fuel there. The complete list of stations with the Tankuj24 service is available on the map in the application or at the Internet service

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