UNIMOT wants to expand into electromobility

Date of publication: 05.03.18


UNIMOT S.A., the biggest independent importer of liquid fuels plans to participate actively in the development of electromobility on the Polish market. The Company is negotiating terms of cooperation with the leading operator of electric vehicles charging stations.

UNIMOT S.A. is considering expanding the Group’s product offer with electric vehicles charging stations.  To achieve this goal the Management Board of the Company has signed a preliminary agreement with Wanbang Charge Equipment Co. Ltd. (Star Charge) – the biggest independent operator of EV charging stations in China.

– Development of electromobility in Poland is largely conditioned by the infrastructure, that is availability of electric vehicles charging stations – claims Mr Maciej Szozda, the President of UNIMOT S.A. –  With this in mind, as well as implementing the plan of AVIA expansion on the energy and fuel market we have turned to a renowned supplier of solutions for electric vehicles, that is Star Charge. On the basis of the concluded agreement between our companies we will negotiate terms of cooperation in the scope of distributing the products of SC in Poland and other EU countries. I must admit that we are also interested in purchasing the licence for software to manage the SC network and a mobile application for EV users – explains President Szozda.

Within the confines of the concluded agreement UNIMOT will also analyse the possibility of producing electric chargers based on the Star Charge solution, as well as starting a joint R&D centre in order to develop these technologies.

Star Charge is the biggest Chinese supplier of EV charging points. It possesses over 4 thousand EV charging points that are used by over 400 thousand of active users. The company also owns a unique IT platform for managing the system of charging stations and customer service. The ambition of Star Charge is expansion to new markets through sales of products and IT solutions dedicated to electric vehicles.

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