Date of publication: 14.04.15


New regasification station of liquefied natural gas (LNG) was opened in Podlaskie region. One of our company subsidiaries is the owner of the station.

According to the announcements, one of our subsidiaries launched LNG regasification system in Szeptowo (Podlaskie region). System contains  LNG gas tank with the capacity of 60 m³ and vaporizers along with associated infrastructure. Everything started its operation at the beginning of April.

New LNG station supplies with fuel , gas network in Szeptowo – said Grzegorz Domanski Natural Gas Supply Director. -Several major industrial and commercial entities, which are located in this region decided to choose our offer. Station will  keep annual sales of natural gas at the level not lower than 11 GW [1 mln m³]. Launching the station along with the distribution to customers  is the first stage of gasification of this area. Next step is expansion of the distribution network and increase customer portfolio.

This is the third LNG regasification station, owned by the UNIMOT Group. Stations that were opened in the past work in off-grid system or as a  re-gasification installation. Stations are  situated  in the provinces of Wielkopolska and Western Pomerania.

Unimot actively operating on natural gas market within its own business activity and through  four subsidiaries.  As part of own business activity,  we develop gas fuel sales to individual customers and for business entities along with trading on the Polish Power Exchange.

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