UNIMOT S.A. Has published development strategy for the years 2018-2023

Date of publication: 28.06.18


Main priorities of the strategy include EBITDA growth, efficiency growth, business diversification, intense development of AVIA chain and annual dividend payment to the shareholders.

The Supervisory Board of UNIMOT S.A. has approved the UNIMOT Group’s development for the years 2018-2023 that was proposed by the Company’s Management Board. The primary goal is building the Group’s value for the shareholders through business efficiency growth and long-term activity diversification.

– Satisfying the needs of our customers we intend to be the fastest developing independent fuel and energy group in the region. Credibility, innovative approach and professional team are determinants of our success – states Mr Maciej Szozda, President of the Management Board of UNIMOT. – We believe in the markets operate on, understand the direction of change in trends and we want to participate actively in these changesWith a flexible approach to the conducted activity we will concentrate on most attractive businesses in  the fuel and energy area – adds President Maciej Szozda.

In 2023 the Group wants to achieve EBITDA in the amount of PLN 75 million simultaneously increasing the efficiency of conducted business – ROCE (EBITDA / fixed assets net of working capital) is supposed to amount 15% in 2023. Activity’s diversification will occur through an intense development of the LPG business, electricity and natural gas and a change in bio-fuels business structure – in 2023 these areas are supposed to generate 70% of Group’s EBITDA.

– This does not mean we resign from developing wholesale of fuels. On the contrary – in successive years we want to significantly increase sales volumes, among others, through a dynamic development of the AVIA chain – says Mr Maciej Szozda. Currently, the Group’s goal is to own 200 of fuel stations in the AVIA chain. – They will be mostly franchise stations, but we also want to increase the number of own stations – he adds. The AVIA brand is also supposed to be used in sales of the remaining products and services in the UNIMOT Group, and its development also includes introduction of an own fleet card and development of non-fuel sales, in this own brands.

Strategy’s implementation will be divided into two stages. The first one, which includes the present year, involves business reorganisation and optimisation, within which UNIMOT will take a series of measures aimed at decreasing operating costs by 9,5%, that is approx. PLN 10 million. – Undoubtedly, the year 2018 will be a difficult one for us in relations to financial results, yet in the successive years we should notice the outcomes of implemented changes. I mean both optimising actions as well as the ones aimed at implementing new, promising schemes – adds Mr Maciej Szozda.

The full document of the strategy is available here: Strategy of the UNIMOT Group for 2018-2023

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