UNIMOT makes investments into electromobility – it takes over shares of operator

Date of publication: 20.06.19


UNIMOT S.A., an independent importer of liquid and gas fuels, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, takes over shares of Green Electricity sp. z o.o., the operator of platform, which in Poland and Europe offers the services of renting motor scooters and electric scooters. The investment will amount max. PLN 9.5 million – which will cover the purchased shares and providing additional financing for Green Electricity, if appropriate.


We have been observing the electromobility market for a long time. We want to have a share in it through a cooperation with an experienced partner, who has already been successful. The platform has outperformed many others and has been successful not only in Poland, but also in other European countries such as Sweden, Spain, Hungary or Romania – explains Mr Adam Sikorski, President of the Management Board of UNIMOT S.A.


Our idea was to create an alternative means of individual transport, which would allow the users to move around the city efficiently, regardless of traffic jams. The solution was supposed to be innovative, easily accessible and environmentally friendly. We decided to introduce the service of renting electric motor scooters for minutes according to the idea of sharing economy, which is still growing in power worldwide. First 5 motor scooters under the brand of we prepared ourselves. Nowadays, there are over 1500 of them used in 22 cities and 6 countries of the EU. Our fleet also includes e-scooters and e-bikes. We possess reliable e-solutions and markets hungry for projects of this type – ensures Mr Marcin Maliszewski, CEO and co-founder of


Within the confines of the agreed cooperation the companies are also planning to use the AVIA chain as a centre of electromobility servicing in smaller cities. – The experience related to the development of the AVIA chain will allow to offer a franchise package of platform in Poland and other European countries. The actions are currently at the stage of planning, but we see a great potential. We want to make the most of the chances that the development of the sharing economy concept offers – adds Mr Adam Sikorski. In Poland, the AVIA chain that has been developed in the territory of the country by UNIMOT, includes already almost 50 stations. In the whole Europe there are over 3 thousand stations under the AVIA.


We are at the stage of a very dynamic development. During just 3 years we have built a global community that includes almost 300 thousand of registered users, who in 2018 itself covered over 5 600 000 km. However, we still see the potential of the Polish and European market, that is why we need financial resources. We do not want to simply expand our fleets in the countries we have been already present, but we are also planning our expansion over new countries. It is also important to us to develop the quality of the application that controls the whole system. e.g. through adding new functionalities, i.e. active price list or discount codes  – explains Mr Marcin Maliszewski.


Contemporary automotive market is gradually developing into the direction of electric vehicles and services related to renting and sharing vehicles of this type. Countries are making investments into development of low-emission transport, among others, due to information on global environment pollution. In Europe, the country that is in the vanguard is Norway, where in 2018 every third purchased vehicle was an electric one. In Poland, the greatest popularity enjoy electric two-wheelers – motor scooters and scooters, which successfully supplement the system of modern city transport.

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