UNIMOT intends to pay a record dividend

Date of publication: 13.04.18


The Management Board of UNIMOT S.A. has recommended dividend payment from the profit for 2017 in the amount of PLN 13,9 million, that is PLN 1,7 per share. This is the amount higher by 42% compared to the previous year.

The Management Board of UNIMOT S.A. would like the shareholders to have a higher share in the profit the Company realised in 2017. According to the resolution adopted on 13th April 2018 the Management Board will recommend to the Ordinary General Meeting dividend payment in the amount of PLN 13,9 million, which constitutes about 55% of realised standalone net profit in 2017. This means that the Company’s shareholders may receive PLN 1,7 per share. The remaining part of the profit in the amount of PLN 11,3 million the Management Board recommends to allocate for supplementary capital.

– Having analysed the current and expected operating and financial condition and considering our development plans we would like to share with our shareholders about 55% of the profit realised in 2017 – claims Mr Maciej Szozda, The President of the Management Board of UNIMOT S.A. – Investors trusted us to a large extent in 2017, when the Company was transferred to the Main Market and was acquiring capital within the new shares issuance. We appreciate this trust and we would like to allocate a larger than in previous years share of profit for them and this is our recommendation to the Ordinary General Meeting. UNIMOT has finished a very challenging year but in our opinion the recommended level of dividend is secure for the Group and its current activity.

It is worth reminding that UNIMOT has been paying dividend since 2012. Starting since 2014 (allocation of net profit for 2013) the amount of dividend has been systematically growing (from PLN 0,1 to PLN 1,2 per share in the previous year).

Simultaneously, the Management Board of UNIMOT S.A. has decided to introduce amendments to the applied dividend policy. According to the new assumptions, in case net profit is realised in the given fiscal year, the Management Board will recommend to the General Meeting of the Company to pay annual dividend in the amount of at least 30% of the realised profit. The Management Board’s recommendation will be each time based on, in. al., current operating and financial condition of the Company.

The Management Board of UNIMOT S.A. proposes 5th June 2018 to be the dividend day and 19th June 2018 the day of its payment.

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