UNIMOT has determined the issue price at pln 45, orders for shares in the public offer begin

Date of publication: 10.02.17


Orders for UNIMOT shares in the public offer can be made at the price of PLN 45. The offer includes 2,2 million of new shares. Orders for the shares start on Friday, 10th February, and for the individual investors they will last until 21st February.

Within the lasting public offer of the shares the UNIMOT S.A. being at the head of the Miltiutility Group, offers 2,2 million of new emission shares. Orders for individual investors start on 10th February and they will last until 21st of February. According to the prospectus 20% of the offered shares have been destined for this investor group. Institutions will be able to make orders for the UNIMOT shares also since 10th February, while the deadline for these orders is 22nd February. The schedule of the public offer assumes that shares will be assigned investors on 23 February.

– Resources acquired through emission of shares are to be used to expand the scale of Group’s activity and will be primarily used to achieve the following three goals: development of tankuj24 application to sell fuels on-line, developing the chain of AVIA petrol stations in Poland and also to increase the working capital used in fuel trading – says Mr Robert Brzozowski, the President of UNIMOT S.A.

The goal of UNIMOT is to introduce the Company’s shares to trading on the regulated market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and thus, to move the listings from NewConnect onto the WSE market. The Company’s intention is that shares listed in NewConnect and PDA have their debut on the WSE market as soon as the shares available in the Public Offer have been assigned.

Orders for the shares of UNIMOT can be placed in offices of 5 Brokerage Houses: DM BOŚ, BM Alior Bank, DM PKO BP, DM mBanku, DM Millennium, as well as by means of electronic access channels. Orders made by individual investors must be for at least 50 shares and no more than 200.000 shares. It is possible to make multiple orders in the tranche for individual investors.

The offeror is Dom Maklerski Banku Ochrony Środowiska S.A. and the Company’s legal advisor in connection with the offer is Kancelaria CSW Więckowska i Partnerzy.

The predicted schedule of the public offer of UNIMOT S.A. shares

12 January 2017

Starting the Public Offer the moment the issuing prospectus is published

not later than at 8.00 on 8 February 2017

Public announcement of the Price range/Maximum Price

8-9 February 2017 (Declarations of Interest will be accepted until 2 p.m.)

Building a demand book of investors in the Institutional Investors Tranche

not later than at 8.00 on 10 February 2017

Public announcement of the Issue Price and final number of J series Shares available in the Public Offer, in this, in particular tranches

from 10 February to 21 February 2017

Individual Investors Orders in the Retail Investors Tranche

from 10 February to 22 February 2017

Institutional Investors Orders, for those who were invited to make orders

23 February 2017

The planned date of assigning shares and ending the Public Offer

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