Unimot Group has imported diesel fuel from the USA

Date of publication: 17.02.23


Unimot Group is focused on diversification of fuel sources and has just imported diesel fuel from the United States to Poland. The oil products tanker ELDIA, with a capacity of 38,000 tonnes, arrived directly fromthe Garyville refinery in Louisiana. The unloading of the tanker was completed on Tuesday, 14th February at the port of Gdynia, from where the diesel fuel will be delivered to Unimot Group customers via the fuel hub in Dębogórze.

As it has been recently announced, we are actively utilizing our extensive business contacts, including the potential of our Geneva trading office, in order to ensure the supply of diesel fuel to Poland upon the imposition of sanctions on Russian petroleum products. The cargo arrived directly in Poland from the United States on the largest tanker that can be handled by the port of Gdynia, i.e., a 38,000-ton vessel, thus avoiding the need for us to use our cargo handling terminal located in Denmark. The aforementioned terminal in Denmark enables us to handle the largest 100,000-ton tankers, and similar deliveries are negotiated with contractors all over the world. – says Robert Brzozowski, Unimot’s Commercial Vice-President of the Management Board.

Since the outbreak of armed conflict in Ukraine, the Unimot Group has been preparing to become independent from Russian fuel supplies. Therefore, at the beginning of April 2022, the Company leased a cargo handling terminal located in Gulfhavn, Denmark, which allows for the handling of diesel fuel from the largest tankers arriving in Europe from countries other than Russia and the further transport of fuel to Poland and, if needed, to other Baltic Sea ports. As a result, three deliveries of diesel fuels have been made so far, i.e., two from Saudi Arabia and one from India. The terminal lease agreement was concluded for a one-year period with a renewal option. It should be noted that Unimot Group has already extended the agreement for the subsequent year.

In addition, between 2021 and 2022, Unimot imported product from European refineries, including Sweden, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands, directly to the port of Gdynia. These are the countries from which
the Group intends to import products, even now, upon imposition of sanctions on Russian petroleum products.

Additionally, the Unimot Group is also investing in rail logistics to make the product’s land transport quick and cost-effective. The last batches of rail tank cars will arrive at the Group in the first quarter of this year. Furthermore, the completion of the acquisition process of the logistics company Olavion, initiated at the end of 2022, which is equipped with locomotives, relevant licences and permits, as well as highly qualified personnel, will allow the Unimot Group to complete this value chain and use the synergy effect.

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