UNIMOT establishes a bond issuance scheme up to PLN 150 million

Date of publication: 20.11.20


The Management Board of UNIMOT S.A. adopted a resolution regarding an establishment of a three-year scheme of bonds issuance up to the amount of PLN 150 million, at the same time signing a progress contract with Santander Bank Polska S.A., acting as the scheme organiser. The company has decided to establish the scheme in relation with the development plans of the Group.

Despite the pandemic we do not cease our development activities. We are incessantly developing the AVIA chain of petrol stations, we have decided to make investments in the RES projects, including the photovoltaics market, searching for attractive projects. We also want to extend the scope in which we will use our competences in the natural gas area – says Mr Adam Sikorski, President of the Management Board of UNIMOT S.A.

Within the scheme UNIMOT will be able to issue dematerialised, unorganised, unsecured bearer bonds, of a maturity up to 5 years and standalone nominal value of at least PLN 1 thousand. The bonds will bear fixed and variable interests and will include exclusively cash benefits. The bonds will be introduced into the trade in the alternative trading system operated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The offer of the bonds will be directed exclusively to qualified investors.

– I would like to stress the fact that the considered issuance of bonds will supplement the possessed and increased credit facilities and bank limits. We are looking for prospective and alternative sources of capital acquisition to finance attractive business opportunities – adds Mr Adam Sikorski.

Final decisions regarding particular issuances will be conditioned primarily by the financial needs of the Group and occurrence of satisfactory conditions on the market of debt securities. The conditions of bonds issuance will be determined by the Company separately for particular series. The Company is considering conducting the first issuance within the three forthcoming months.

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