UNIMOT awarded an “Eagle” by Wprost weekly

Date of publication: 21.02.20


UNIMOT S.A. has received a prestigious award of „Orzeł” (Eagle) by the weekly Wprost in the Business Leader category among the companies with a seat in the Opolskie Voivodeship.

„ORŁY” (EAGLES) by WPROST is an award for companies, local governments and prominent persons, whose contribution into the development of economy, region and country is outstanding. These organisations and persons care for Poland on a daily basis not only through great achievements and deeds, but also seemingly trivial decisions and actions, which in everyday struggle create the silhouette of contemporary Poland.

„ORŁY” by WPROST is a reference to an exceptional distinction which the publisher of „Wprost” Michał Maciej Lisiecki received from the Institute of President Ryszard Kaczorowski for proving that in everyday activity of conducting business it is possible to hold the white and red flag high, be a patriot and act for the benefit of Poland.

The symbol of this distinction has become the emblem of Poland – the image of  the White Eagle – which was present on the wall in the seat of the President and Government of the 2nd Republic of Poland since 1945 at Eaton Place in London.


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