UNIMOT a leader of online communication with investors

Date of publication: 05.06.20


UNIMOT S.A. came first in the contest Golden Issuer Website XIII (Złota Strona Emitenta XIII) in the classification „Leader of online communication” in its category.

The award was given by the Association of Listed Companies, which has organised the contest already thirteen times. Earlier, UNIMOT went through previous stages – the first one that comprises the evaluation of companies according to forms that include particular criteria, and the second one – consisting in selecting three nominees, which is done by the contest’s jury including specialists from various fields.

The third and last stage is selecting the winners, which is done by the Contest’s Board. – Not only well-known figures of the capital market were invited to the works of the Board, but also the most renowned experts in the areas such as graphics, marketing communication, economy, or investor relations – says Mr Mirosław Kachniewski, President of the Association of Listed Companies.

UNIMOT S.A. was awarded in the classification „Leader of online communication” in the category of small companies.

We are extremely happy that our manner of communication has been appreciated by the market. We have always run an open policy and in the last period we have also significantly extended the range of applied tools. Importantly, we do our best to maintain bi-directional communication – not only answer the queries of investors, but also listen to their needs – says Joanna Siedlaczek, Director of Investor Relations of UNIMOT S.A.

We are pleased that our actions are effective in reaching investors. We are happy each time we are positively evaluated by them and the title of the winner in such a prestigious contest as Golden Issuer Website is an additional, great honour. This motivates us to continue further, intense works in this scope – adds Joanna Siedlaczek.

UNIMOT S.A. can boast an extensive, updated on a daily basis IR tab on its website, where you can find not only materials that the company is obliged to publish under the law regulations, but also additional information – e.g. about markets of operation, recommendations issued by brokerage houses or corporate social responsibility. The company also prepares on an ongoing basis the whole set of investor materials – presentations, one-pagers, or Excel files with data. In the IR tab the company also publishes information about important events or archives commentaries of the Management Board announced to the market through media. For many years UNIMOT meets a broad range of investors in online chats and stationary conferences, and since March the present year it regularly organises online conferences with live broadcast and a possibility of asking questions. Additionally, the company provided a possibility of virtual participation in this year’s Ordinary General Meeting and the proceedings were broadcast live.

UNIMOT S.A. has always strived to be a leader in many areas of its operations and make use of professionalism, flexibility, and efficiency of actions. We want to apply the same philosophy in the communication with investors. In investor relations we stress primarily reliability, openness and  being the first with new solutions – summarises Mr Adam Sikorski, President of the Management Board of UNIMOT S.A.

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