The UNIMOT Group has launched production line of Polish photovoltaic modules

Date of publication: 09.08.21


On 30 July, in the plant of PZL Sędziszów, the UNIMOT Group launched the production line of Polish photovoltaic modules. They will appear, among others, in the offer of the Group’s company AVIA Solar at the beginning of Q4 the present year.

The new production line of Polish photovoltaic panels of the UNIMOT Group was launched in the hall owned by PZL Sędziszów in Sędziszów Małopolski. The line produces several types of PV modules that vary in colours, shape and dimensions. Certification of the product and production line is a responsibility of the German certification institute TüV. Photovoltaic panels produced in Sędziszów should appear on the market at the beginning of Q4 the present year and they will be available, among others, in offer of the AVIA Solar brand, which belongs to the UNIMOT Group. The actual capacity of the produced panels, which is presently estimated to be 360-370 Wp for the largest module, will be verified during the certification process. This is the most popular capacity of the panels offered on the market.

An inhouse production line of fully Polish photovoltaic panels is perfectly in line with the objectives of the UNIMOT Group in the area of this sector’s development. We chose a reliable technology and capacity of the modules that are most popular with customers. In addition, we make use of components coming from the world’s leaders – e.g. 3M and DOW. Our panels, which should be available already in October, among others in the offer of AVIA Solar, feature a guarantee of origin, quick service and easy contact with the producer. The period of pandemic has demonstrated that especially now it is worth choosing the quality and reliability of a local supplier. By choosing Polish PV panels coming from the plant of PZL Sędziszów we can expect a greater flexibility of orders compared to Asian products, purchases of which are associated with prolonged delivery time and the necessity to cover the logistic expenses – says Mr Adam Sikorski, President of the Management Board of UNIMOT.

Photovoltaic panels that will be produced in the plant of PZL Sędziszów are based on the proven for many decades mono crystal silicon technology. They are produced from top-quality resources that come from world-famous brands, which is of key importance for reaching the capacity and durability of PV panels. Their distinctive feature compared to the competition will be high quality – tests and laboratory analyses will be conducted on the production line. Then, their results will be verified and assigned individually to each PV panel. This will allow for full quality control at every stage of the production and also in after-sale service.

The value of the investment of the UNIMOT Group at this stage amounted to approx. EUR 500 thousand. The current capacity of the production line is 15 MW per year, which translates into production of about 40 000 PV modules. The UNIMOT Group does not exclude the possibility of extending the production line in the future.


Recording of the online conference pertaining to the launch of the production line in the plant of PZL Sędziszów

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