Date of publication: 27.11.13


We are pleased to inform, that Adam Sikorski – Chairman of the Company’s Supervisory Board – was one of the speakers of this year’s International Congress „OIL TERMINAL 2013”. The event was held on 21-22 November in St-Petersburg.

International congress on transportation, storage and transshipment of crude oil, liquefied gases and oil products „OIL TERMINAL” is one of the grandest and high profile events in the sector. The Congress’ organizer is Vostock Capital.

This year’s Congress was attended by many highly regarded experts of the global oil and gas sector. Several interesting and current topics were covered within two-day meetings, among others challenges being faced by Russian and international oil terminals, quality of oil and petroleum products, quality control systems in the storage plants.

This year, similarly to last year, one of the presentations during the Congress „OIL TERMINAL” was given by Adam Sikorski, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board UNIMOT GAZ S.A. The topic of his presentation was „The most recent trends and news from the LPG market in the CIS and Eastern Europe”.

Below is a summary of Mr. Sikorski’s speech.

Despite of a slightly downward trend seen recently in the demand for gas and of increased productive capacity of local LPG manufacturers, export from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) satisfies as much as 74% of our region’s demand.

Exploration of oil crude and shale gas in the United States exerts constant pressure to increase LPG export. Starting from 2008 export of propane from the United States is rapidly and consistently growing up, being followed by consistent increase of sea terminals export capacity. Ever increasing export pressure of USA is projected for 2014, especially in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) region and in the western part of the Mediterranean Sea region.

Russia increases production of LPG as well, what – considering constant level of the domestic market’s demand – gives an opportunity to increase its export pool. However, the growth is not that much dynamic as in the United States, having Russia overtaken.

The leaders in import of LPG from Russia have changed as well. Poland, a leading importer for the past several years, got outdistanced by Turkey in 2013. It is projected, that Turkey will import 1 808,4 thousand tonnes of LPG, compared to 1 127,9 thousand tonnes, which will flow to Poland till the end of the year. Similarly the share exported to Poland by rail is forecast to shrank in 2014.

Poland will import the most of gas from concerns such as Sibur, Novatek and Gazprom, constituing respectively 36%, 31% and 17% of its global import in 2013.

The structure of the LPG market in Poland within the space of the last few years is moderately stable: autogas, consumed by transport sector, accounts to 73.4%, bottled gas accounts to 14.4% , and gas in containers, used for heating purposes, accounts to 12.3% respectively.

First transshipments in port of Taman on the Black Sea and in Ust-Luga port on the Baltic Sea, became the key events of the year for the global LPG sector in 2013.

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