The first historical WEB oil delivery to Belarus

Date of publication: 16.07.20


White Eagle Blend (WEB), i.e. a crude oil mixture named White Eagle Blend will flow from the USA to Belarus thanks to 3 Seas Energy, in which the Polish company UNIMOT S.A. and Getka LLC are shareholders.

The company 3 Seas Energy was called to ensure that the supply of crude oil to the Central and Eastern European market will supply Belarus with 600,000 barrels of White Eagle Blend (WEB). This is the first supply of this type of oil to the nation of Belarus.

“White Eagle Blend is a specially prepared crude oil blend whose parameters are very similar to the Russian URALS blend currently used in Polish and Belarusian refineries. As a result, the conversion of URALS to WEB will be greatly encouraged. The name of our mix White Eagle is not accidental and refers to the national symbols of Poland. ” – says Dariusz Cichocki, President of Getka, the company responsible for product preparation.

“The supply of American oil to Belarus, in which UNIMOT is responsible for the physical delivery of the product, shows that the policy of diversifying oil supplies to the Central and Eastern European market is becoming a reality,” says Robert Brzozowski, Vice President of the Management Board for Trade at UNIMOT S.A. “Our latest supply of WEB oil will flow today from the US from the Phillips 66 terminal in Beaumont, Texas, which will be the window to the world for all WEB exports. The choice of this terminal is related to its operational efficiency and a very developed infrastructure. We are convinced that next deliveries will take place soon. – adds Robert Brzozowski.

Additional Information:

3 SEAS ENERGY LLC with headquarters in Tulsa (USA) was founded to ensure the supply of American crude oil to the Central and Eastern European market. The main shareholder is the Polish company UNIMOT S.A. and Getka Energy Services LLC. UNIMOT is a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, specializing in trading diesel fuel (ON), biofuels (BIO), liquid gas (LPG), asphalt products, oils, natural gas and electricity. On the other hand, Getka Energy provides solutions in the field of storage, mixing and transport of crude oil in the USA.


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