Date of publication: 27.05.14


On May 23rd this year, Company UNIMOT GAZ SA received from President of the Energy Regulatory Office, approved tariff for trade in natural gas. The tariff is tailored to industrial customers, as well as to small and medium-sized enterprises.

– Approval of tariff by the President of the ERO entered into force after the Company received a license to trade fuel gas and natural gas with  abroad , was the last step to full-fledged participation of the Company in liberalizing the natural gas market in Poland – says Przemyslaw Podgorski, Member of the Board of UNIMOT GAZ SA.

It is worth noting that according to the energy law, having tariff approved is a necessary requirement to trade natural gas with group of consumers defined in this document. The obligation to submit tariff does not cover the liquefied natural gas – LNG, because in 2013 Company obtained an  exemption from this obligation.

Beyond  setting maximum prices and rates of license fees for natural gas , tariff contains entries regarding rules for the provision of gas , as well as recipients settlements. It also regulates gas quality issues.

We would like to remind, that the tariff of each company must be approved by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office, who thus accepts prices and rates height and settlements rules  specified in this tariff. Gas and service distribution to customers, will be settled  on prices and rates related to tariff groups for which customers were qualified.

According to the decision of the ERO, distribution tariff of  UNIMOT Gaz S.A is valid for one year.

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