Date of publication: 12.02.15


Our company website  was  qualified for the second stage of the competition for the best website of a listed company – The Golden Website.

We are pleased to announce that our company  website  was awarded by the Polish Association of Listed  Companies as a friendly and  with effective communication between the company , investors and shareholders. During 7 th edition  of Golden Website competition,  900 websites of both Polish and foreign issuers quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange markets were evaluated.

Our company website, was  qualified for the second stage of the competition. We are  among the 53 listed companies with a  very high level of information provided on their websites.

During  the first stage of the Competition, our website was  analyzed according to the specific  criteria which includes communication with the investor, the informational content and website usability. It was also evaluated: speed of response to the substantive questions, the basic corporate documents, information on the shareholding structure, financial ratios of the company, messages and press releases, and news. Furthermore it was also checked the availability of page in foreign languages and search engines as well as the quality of positioning.

The second stage of the competition  will select three nominees in each of the 5 categories. Selection will be performed by jury, formed by professionals in various fields. Among the many criteria will be taken into account such elements as the information content, communication with the investor, intuitiveness, ergonomics, compliance with the rules of navigation, proper application of technologies and opinions of investors.

Association of Listed Companies focus primarily on dissemination and exchange of knowledge supporting faster development of the capital market and modern market economy in Poland.

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