Next 2 AVIA stations in Ukraine

Date of publication: 09.08.20


UNIMOT S.A.  launches two new AVIA petrol stations in the territory of Ukraine and thereby increases the number of its stations in this country to ten.

The first newly-opened station is located in Kiev on the left-bank part of the city at 17 Romana Shukhevycha. This is already the fourth AVIA station in Kiev and similarly to the other ones located at the road characterised by intense traffic. The facility offers a well-stocked shop of the area about 50 metres with a coffee corner and hot snacks.

The second station was built in the city of Użhorod located in the Ukraine-Hungary-Slovakia borderland. This is already the second AVIA station located in this city. This time the new station is located in the centre of the city in Radyshcheva Street. The new station offers four convenient refuelling stands, compressor, and a separate LPG stand.

„Launching new AVIA stations in Ukraine is a signal to us that the coronavirus pandemics has not interrupted the process of developing our brand in this country” – says Mr Robert Nowek, who is responsible for the development of AVIA stations in Poland and Ukraine. “The new stations have joined the AVIA chain on franchise basis and increased their number in Ukraine to 10. We are very glad about the fact of their acquisition and I am convinced that this will allow our Swiss brand to gain a lot of new customers ”- adds Mr Robert Nowek.

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