Date of publication: 13.11.14


After three quarters  of the year, the financial results of Unimot S.A reached a value of forecasts assumed at the end of the year. The company also reported a more than double increase in revenues.

The past quarter has been a very successful for the UNIMOT Group. The Group recorded a dynamic growth in sales, which in comparison to the third quarter of last year are almost three times higher. Group’s net profit in the third quarter of 2014  exceeded 1 million polish zloty.

In the summary of the first three quarters the company continuously improved its financial results. After 9 months , the revenue from the sale was  449 796 590 polish zloty  and is more than twice higher than in the corresponding period of the previous year. After three quarters of the year the net profit exceeded 3 million polish zloty and is more than 2 million polish zloty  higher than in the corresponding period of 2013.

The dynamic growth of the Group’s financial results is mainly due to the introduction to the company offer (parent company) a new product which is diesel fuel – comments Przemyslaw Podgorski, CEO UNIMOT SA – Turnover of the mentioned fuel in the third quarter was  more than half of the total sale of the company. Intensification of biofuel sales  and wholesale LPG were also responsible for so high revenue growth.

It is worth to mention that  in the mentioned period, the Group has focused on the development of projects in the natural gas segment . The first stage of the project associated with the acquisition and expansion of the distribution pipeline has been completed along with the finalization of work on the construction of its own LNG liquefaction facility in the Masovian province. Company  also purchased LNG regasification station, located in the provinces of Greater Poland and the West Pomeranian.

The activities carried out within the Group confirms that  our company  consistently and with great determination implement its strategy and financial results,  which were obtained after three quarters  of this year and already have reached value  predicted at the end of 2014. Said – Przemyslaw Podgorski.

We  would like to also remind  that  financial forecasts announced this year by UNIMOT SA assume closing the year 2014 with net income of 470 million polish zloty and a profit of 3 million polish zloty.

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