AVIA Solar launches offer of green energy for firms

Date of publication: 23.09.21


AVIA Solar, the brand operating within the UNIMOT Group, has developed an offer for firms, which allows entrepreneurs to purchase electricity that comes from renewable energy sources. This offer is complementary to the sale of AVIA Solar photovoltaic installations, and which is also intended for entrepreneurs.

„Green Energy” is an offer developed for firms that want to take care of the environment and promote pro-environmental actions, but for various reasons are unable to install photovoltaic panels that would directly power the firm. Our offer is also intended for firms that own photovoltaic installations of the installed capacity over 50 kW – for which reason they cannot take advantage of the prosumer model, and in the situation when they do not cover their demand for electricity, they would also be willing to consume energy produced in renewable sources. Within the range of the “Green Energy” offer firms are provided with electricity coming from renewable sources, such as photovoltaics, wind farms, hydro plants and agricultural biogas plants. The diversity of Renewable Energy Sources guarantees the maximum cover of customer demand with green energy.

An agreement for purchases of green energy covers the period of 3 to 5 years. Having signed it, entrepreneurs receive a certificate that confirms that the firm uses green energy with a guarantee of its origin from renewable sources. Choosing the offer of AVIA Solar allows to eliminate the emission of 765 kg CO2 per 1 MWh of consumed electricity, and the company, which knows its energy consumption level, can boast a specific number of reduced emission. The certificate can be used in communication with contractors and customers, being a proof of a pro-environmental business attitude of a given firm.

The guarantor of the offer is the UNIMOT Group – the operating on the market for almost 30 years leader among independent importers of liquid and gaseous fuels in Poland. UNIMOT is also a member of the AVIA International association and is developing the chain of AVIA petrol stations in Poland and Ukraine. UNIMOT Energia i Gaz, which is the parent for AVIA Solar, is responsible in the UNIMOT Group for energy offer for business customers. 

„Green Energy” is a comprehensive product, which supplements our offer of photovoltaic panels sales for firms. There are multiple firms functioning on the market that for various reasons are unable to install photovoltaic panels or made investments into installations larger than 50 KW, and now they are forced to supplement the insufficient production volume with a purchase of electricity from trading companies. The possibility of purchasing and utilising green energy in their business operations lets them join the group of socially responsible firms that are concerned about the growing degradation of the natural environment and future of our planet . Investments into photovoltaic panels made by firms or utilisation of delivered green energy allow for a significant reduction in the level of pollutants emission and build an image of an innovative and pro-environmental enterprise. In the case of investments in photovoltaic panels, the company acquires a number of additional benefits – starting with a decrease in electricity cost, through independence in the occurrence of problems with electricity supplies, to environmental protection. Green energy is the future, and it is worth building it with us right now says Mr Piotr Laskowski, President of the Management Board of UNIMOT Energia i Gaz

The company responsible for purchases of green energy from the RES producers and transferring it to UNIMOT Energia i Gaz is energy trading company TRADEA, which belongs to the UNIMOT Group. TRADEA has extensive experience in partner collaboration with RES producers. The company has developed an energy portfolio that includes biogas plants, hydro plants, wind and photovoltaic farms, which will allow to cover the demand for green energy of any firm. The company’s customers include both small RES producers, whose installed capacity amounts to 50 kW, as well as large wind farms of the capacity of 45 MW. The annual amount of green energy purchased from RES producers is about 300 GWh, and it can fully cover the demand of over 6 thousand of small enterprises. 

TRADEA has been cooperating with dispersed RES producers since 2015 and from the very beginning it is distinguished by its individual approach and partner relations with each of its customers. This translates into an extremely good perception of the brand TRADEA among RES producers, and the position of a leader among independent trading companies, which intend their offer for green energy producers. A growing interest of the business with energy coming from renewable energy sources has caused that the success we have achieved by establishing the collaboration with RES producers and these 300 GWh of green energy acquired from them we decided to transfer to a new product. This led to the development of the offer for firms under the brand of AVIA Solar – “Green Energy”. Developing this product together with our sister company from the UNIMOT Group, which has an extensive experience in sales of electricity to firms, was a natural consequence of taking advantage of the synergy effect within our Group – says Mr Krzysztof Bonk, President of the Management Board of TRADEA.

AVIA Solar’s offer „Green Energy” provides firms with an opportunity to build an image of a socially-responsible firms, creates a space to stand out from the competition, and also confirms pro-environmental activities for the environment. The product allows firms to run sustainable business powered with green energy. Details and the offer can be found on the website:

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