AVIA Poland launches new image campaign

Date of publication: 10.06.21


„Big plus on your way” is the latest slogan that promotes the chain of petrol stations of AVIA Poland. Apart from the Swiss roots it is high quality of fuels, affordable prices and aromatic coffee from the Eat&Go concept that create the plus mentioned in the claim. The new edition of the campaign is launched accompanied by the premiere of the first image film of the brand. 

This is already the third edition of the campaign that aims to stress the competitive offer of AVIA Poland, both with respect to prices of fuels as well as quality of products and services available at the stations. The brand also wants to emphasise its constant development — it has introduced a new collection of outfits for employees, and soon it is going to expand its catering offer with new products. The edition “Big plus on your way” is part of the communication strategy “Big plus”, which has been implemented since May 2020.

Our previous campaigns focused on the Swiss roots of the AVIA brand and high quality standards that we are introducing to Poland — says Agnieszka Bobrukiewicz, Marketing Director at UNIMOT S.A. The third edition is supposed to show that choosing our petrol stations is a big plus for the motorists. This plus is a range of benefits awaiting our customers — competitive prices of fuels, their high quality, aromatic coffee, car wash, product offer and refined with regard to design and ergonomics shop zone Eat&Go with abundant special offers — adds Agnieszka Bobrukiewicz. 

The campaign is launched accompanied by the premiere of the first in the history of the brand in Poland image film that presents the offer of AVIA petrol stations. Image communication is supported by exposition of outdoor carriers in the locations that are within the reach of AVIA petrol stations. Additionally, a banner campaign has been planned on top websites, and also in social media such as Facebook and Youtube with the use of video formats. 

The platform “Big plus for…” combines all the marketing activities undertaken by the AVIA team. However, above all, the plus presented in the form of the Swiss cross refers to the roots of the brand. References to Switzerland and the style known as Swiss Design can be found in the entire image campaign of AVIA — projects make use of Helvetica font (the name comes from the word Helvetia, a Roman term for the present territory of Switzerland), and the creations themselves are prepared based on organised style, asymmetric shapes, distinct lines, minimalistic block sets and typical of Switzerland white and red colours.

Big plus on your way

The AVIA brand that has its origins in Switzerland debuted on the Polish market with the first petrol station in 2017. Presently, the chain includes already over 60 stations, is developing successively, opening new localisations and building its image in the awareness of Polish motorists.

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