AVIA in Poland with full fuel and energy offer

Date of publication: 19.10.18


The UNIMOT Group, responsible for the development of a chain of AVIA petrol stations in Poland, has launched its new website that communicates its wide range of activity under the AVIA brand.


UNIMOT’ new website functions in the previous domain, however, it constitutes a combination of the whole Group’s offer with the project of developing a franchise chain of AVIA petrol stations, which previously was promoted in the service


Our goal was to create a coherent internet website that would present the full offer of the UNIMOT Group, including the information about developed by us chain of AVIA petrol stations and extensive investor relations service – claims Mr Adam Sikorski, the President of UNIMOT S.A.


The new website offers a transparent layout of the home page, which has been inspired by the template of the AVIA International Association’s website, whose member is UNIMOT. Consistent graphic elements and distinctive colours of the website enable an intuitive navigation within the whole service and promptly move users to the  content of their interest.


Since the moment our new website was launched we have been involved in a process of communicating broadly to our present and potential Customers that all the Group’s fuel and energy products are now offered under the AVIA brand – explains Mr Adam Sikorski. – However, AVIA does not only mean petrol stations. Under this Swiss brand, which presently possesses about 3150 of petrol stations in 14 countries of Europe, our foreign partners have offered for years also gas, electricity and other petrochemical products. UNIMOT’s development goes in the same direction, therefore, on our new website under the AVIA brand you can find the offer to purchase fuels, LPG gas, electricity and natural gas, available for wholesale and individual customers.


The website is based on modern solutions and it includes numerous functionalities that facilitate the search for content. Particular attention needs to be turned to the investor relations department, where all the most important data, text information and files have been grouped and presented according to the standards recommended by the Association of Listed Companies and the WSE.

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