Off-fuel offer



The market of retail fuel sales is closely related to the cafe market. Therefor, to satisfy your wish we will introduce to the AVIA stations a renowned coffee concept  Esenso Cafe, which is based on top quality Swiss coffee machines and an exceptional blend of coffee, based on aromatic Arabica and strong Robusta. It will not only be a visiting card of the stations, but also a magnet drawing Customers.



Apart from coffee under an own brand of  Esenso Cafe we also offer our Partners a ready Hot Dog concept, which includes a heating machine, well-proven range of rolls and sausages as well as a set of sauces. Under the Esenso Cafe brand we also propose a list of products that supplement the refreshments offered at the stations.

Automotive products

From our experience we know that a petrol station is a place where our customers search for various products that allow them to operate their vehicles even better. Therefore, our range of automotive products in the non-fuel offer includes also oils, lubricants and screen washers under the AVIA brand.

We especially encourage our customers to try modern AVIA engine oils, which guarantee perfect protection of the engine. Excellent viscosity ensures optimum lubrication also in low temperatures, which largely reduces the wear to engine parts. AVIA offers a wide range of oils both for petrol as well as diesel engines.

Our offer also includes multi-purpose aerosol lubricants and winter screen washes.