Fuel offer


We specialise in wholesale of diesel oil and distribution of other liquid fuels, both in the territory of Poland and abroad. We offer all our potential Partners, who are interested in the AVIA franchise offer, access to high quality fuels that are characterised by reduced to a minimal level amount of pollutions and highest performance parameters. Our fuels are distributed from PERN fuel depots and from a number of other operators. Customers can collect the fuel using own transport or take advantage of our transport services.

Within our offer we also provide access to Premium AVIA Diesel Gold fuel. This fuel contains a specially developed additive that ensures improved lubricating and detergent qualities of the fuel and growth of its cetane number. The result of a higher cetane number is a quieter operation of the engine and its easier start. The AVIA Diesel Gold fuel is also characterised by an environmentally-friendly operation, as it reduces the share of particulate matter in exhaust gases.