Our vision of a franchise

Simple contract and independence of the Partner

We are creating in Poland a chain of AVIA franchise stations. We have drawn up a simple contract, which offers our Partners much independence and does not oblige them to purchase fuels exclusively from us. We do not dictate our Partners how to conduct non-fuel sales in their shops, however, we will be pleased to provide some advice how to increase it, if our solutions have been accepted.

We believe that petrol stations need a strong brand, which guarantees drivers a sense of security, and that i show AVIA works. We have a deep knowledge on the petrol stations market and we know that their owners require attractive terms of cooperation so as to run the business effectively and be able to develop it. Therefore, we have created a unique franchise offer that combines all the mentioned elements and is based on the strength of the UNIMOT Group and experience of the AVIA brand. This combination, adjusted to you needs, is a guarantee of success.