Benefits of joining




Becoming a part of an international association

AVIA means not only a strong brand, it also means becoming a part of an international association. Its members on daily base analyse international market trends, so as to promptly and efficiently implement the most interesting solutions.


Supplies of reliable fuels

When joining the AVIA chain Partners gain access to high quality fuels offered by AVIA. As the idea of the brand stresses clearly independence of the Partners, we do not impose an obligation to purchase fuels from us. Partners are free to purchase fuels from other sources, which will be accepted by both parties.


Favourable terms of cooperation

We know how important it is for our Partners to develop their businesses, therefore we offer very attractive terms of cooperation, based on minimal financial involvement of the Partner.


Support of experienced team

Over 90 years of AVIA’s presence on the market means a tremendous experience in the retail sales of fuels. We possess knowledge about how to run the fuel business effectively and we share it with our Partners.


Full visualisation of AVIA stations

One of the first stages of cooperation between Partners and the AVIA brand is introduction of full branding to the station. Receiving a strong brand on the outside of the station as well as inside the shop guarantees security of purchases for the drivers and increased visual attractiveness of the station and constant influx of customers to the Partners.